What others are saying.

Whenever I work with someone, I like to make sure that people know what they can expect of me at all times. To give you some insight into what other people thought it was like to work with me, I’ve asked a few people to write what they thought of my work.

I’m such a fan your work, from the compositions to the use of color and light. Thank you for helping bring Addie to life.

V.E. Schwab

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Author of Darker Shades of Magic, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Rengin has been a pleasure to work with, with not only great art, as can be plainly seen, but with great ideas. She is organized, timely, and communicative.

The piece didn’t come out the way I had envisioned it myself, but that’s because my imagination couldn’t have pictured the piece quite as well as Rengin was able to illustrate it. The tension, the sense of urgency, and the magicality of the piece weren’t things I had considered when I commissioned the piece, but their inclusion made a piece that I had been looking forward to even better.

If you want a flexible, imaginative, and highly-skilled artist, you can’t go wrong with Rengin. And just like the wizard depicted in the illustration, the artwork arrives precisely when it is meant to.


D&D illustration commissioner

Rengin truly brought our ideas to life. My father and I reached out to her with a general idea of what we wanted for his book cover and she helped us determine an even better look and feel than we initially aimed to create. Her recommendations were well-explained and helped us to feel confident in moving forward during each step. She captured all the details we hoped for and made a piece that truly compliments the story being told.

We’re so proud of the end result and are excited at the potential of working with Rengin on future projects as well. Thank you!


Book cover commissioner

Rengin has a deep understanding of conceptualization. Throughout the process she proved that she understood the concepts and purpose I was seeking from the illustration, and even surprised me with ideas I didn’t realize I wanted (and then couldn’t imagine going without).
There was an enduring impression that Rengin was seeking to collaborate, improve, and elevate the work, rather than simply fulfill her duty.

Ben (VolatileVitriol)

Creator of Vallonde.

From the get-go, I could tell that Rengin is going to be very professional to work with – we discussed payment terms, got a contract set up, and agreed on method of payment while simultaneously discussing the project and the ideas she had in mind for my request. We started out with a very different concept initially, and it’s thanks to her ideas that we ended up with some that was even better than what was imagined.


From there on, it was standard procedure for commissions: exchanging references, feedback, drafts, and confirming whether we liked something or not. Throughout it all, Rengin was always on time, always kept us informed of what to expect, and most above all, was clearly passionate to deliver something that would make us extremely happy.


I would say that what sets her apart from other artists is as follows:

  • Excellent client treatment – everything was clear, signposted, and very pleasant to deal with.
  • Strong sense of art direction – she really helped us flesh out the details of the piece and go from a vague idea to a full, detailed piece.
  • High level of polish and solid all-around artistic capabilities. I would say her signature is creating colorful backgrounds that have a distinctive ‘bloom’ to them.


I would highly recommend anyone who might consider her to just go for it – you won’t regret it if you like her art style.


Private commissioner

Over the last several years I have finished several multi-year adventures of Dungeons and Dragons and as a keepsake have asked artists to produce a final visual of the climactic scene.


The particular piece I asked her to create was a very special one as it was to commemorate playing D&D during COVID and as a keepsake for a collection of small children who were playing their first adventure. I wanted them to have something special, and work with a more accomplished artist.


I was worried that I was foolish. The foolishness was thinking that I was being foolish to work with someone of her caliber.


She produced 3 layouts, and I wanted all three. Her intermediate work was precise, and clear.


Rengin was a delight to work with. She took the idea and made it hers. She was punctual. Communicative. She offered me options that I never considered. And the final piece is amazing.


I would be delighted to work with her again.


Private commissioner

Talented, driven, ambitious, passionate… are a few words that pop to mind when thinking of Rengin.


For 2013 – 2019, we’ve developed multiple campaigns together. She never stopped to amaze, kept raising the bar while maintaining her own personality, creating vibrant and attractive work.


We share the same passion for illustration. But Rengin didn’t stop at just being passionate, but pursued her goals. I admire what she has achieved and am curious what the future holds for her.

Frank Mineur

Independent Creative / 360º Art Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Rengin on multiple long-term team projects, and I can safely say that she is a very dedicated and insightful person, who works well outside of the required amount of time to make sure her work is perfect.


She takes great care in making her art not only aesthetically pleasing, but technically correct for flawless implementation, which is an invaluable trait for an artist in the industry. She is clever, passionate, skilled and a lot of fun to work with, and I really hope that we get the opportunity to work together again!

Chris McEntee

Principal Designer at Respawn Entertainment

Rengin is a true talent when it comes to visualising and character design. She leaves no stone unturned in her design process. Resulting in highly creative and surprising designs and solutions. She knows how to translate your brief into something special and differentiating. And a pleasure to work with.

Charles Hale

Brand & Business builder / Strategy & Creative

Rengin has always struck me as intelligent, courteous, responsible, and aesthetically sensitive. She delivers projects when she is supposed to, and they have their own style, making them more interesting than other projects.

Andrew Paquette

Commercial photographer, artist, illustrator, author and educator