About me.

Concept artist, storyboarder, previz artist: a storyteller who loves to narrate in the form of pictures. The most important thing to me in art as a product is aesthetics and story. In art as a means of communication, it’s inspiration and motivation. The more experience I get, the more sure I am where my aspirations lie. I know what I’m good at, and what I should trust others with. I am also openminded about acquiring new skills that can help me in my career.


I went from making my own sketches and illustrations during childhood to developing games during college – acquiring valuable 3D skills -, to doing graphic design for a film distribution company and after that focusing on previs and animations for the National Postcode Lottery. Through all of this, however, the underlying aspiration has been to work at an animation studio like Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks – because they tell high-quality stories with high-quality aesthetics that are fun for children and adults alike, and most of all, they inspire me.