Try out D&D Dress Up – Female Human Fighter


Easily create a custom D&D character for free! If you like it, consider buying the full pack here.

Create your own character for free!
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Choose your own character outfit, weapons, hair and eye color for the price of a coffee! This pack is meant for players who would like to customize their character or NPC, but can’t commission an artist for whatever reason.

All elements are colored and painted with integrated light, so you can have your character ready to play in a couple of clicks. The possible combinations amount to more than 11.000 different characters! Just open the PSD, and choose an element from every folder that suits your character best. Or if you’re not image editor savvy, download the “exported” pack and choose a character from those images.

Elements that can be varied are:

  • Hair (model and color)
  • Eyes (color)
  • Bow (design)
  • Arrow (design)
  • Outfit (design)
  • Skin (color)

These characters are in the same style as my “rough color” style commissions. So that’s at least €340,- worth of character art for just €5,-.

Oh, and any future additions to this pack will be free!

Have fun!


I have an idea for [the bow/the hair/the skin color]. Do you take suggestions?

Yes! Send me an email at with the title “Female Elf Ranger Suggestion” (or @ me on Twitter). If I get enough requests for an element, I’ll add it to the pack.

But I want you to draw my idea a.s.a.p.!

If you have something you want me to add regardless of the amount of requests, I offer reduced commission fees for this pack, as long as I can add it to the pack for others to use as well. Pricing would vary based on amount of elements requested and the complexity of them, but a ballpark would be around €30,- per element. If you’re interested, send me an email with “D&D Dress Up Commission”!

Can I use this art for commercial projects?

If you want to use this art for anything you make money off of, please send me an email to discuss pricing. This download gives you a license for personal use. That means you can use the art from this pack for D&D campaigns you play with family and friends at home, but no streams that you’re trying to monetize, promotion of your products or as content of your products (etc.). But don’t worry, send me an email at and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out :)

I play a [insert race and class] though! Will you make a pack for those too?

I’d love to, if there seems to be an interest for it! Send me an email at (or @ me on Twitter) with the title “D&D Dress Up Suggestion” and I’ll see what I can do!

I like your art, but I have something different in mind. Can I commission you?

Absolutely! If you want more information, take a look at my portfolio website where I have more info on the commission process and regular pricing. When you’re ready, fill out the briefing form in the pricing link or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

Can I draw my own stuff on your art?

Yes! And please show me, I’d love to see it! Just make sure to properly credit me even if you don’t show me. And of course, don’t resell my art without permission.


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