D&D Dress Up Patreon

Join the D&D Dress Up Patreon to vote for the next packs, which pose I’ll use, and seeing the packs develop. No need to pledge, though every form of support is appreciated of course! As a thank you, Patrons get the newest pack for free upon release.

Visit the Patreon

I wanted a central place for everything to do with D&D Dress Up to make it easy to see what’s going on :) The Patreon has:

  • Polls to decide which pack will be next
  • Polls to decide which pose I’ll use
  • Any sketches that are to do with D&D Dress Up
  • A community who love D&D and TTRPGs as much as you do!

There’s no need to pledge to the Patreon – all polls and art will be free (though I do appreciate any support, of course!). The thing I’m offering Patrons as a thank you for their support is the newest pack upon release, and early access to the newest art that I make for the packs.

Will you come join? All you need is a free Patreon account!