Completing your Art Challenge


10 tips to complete any art challenge like Mermay, Inktober, Junefae, Maysketchaday…

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Have you ever attempted to complete art challenges like Mermay, Junefae or Inktober without success? Me too!


But after a few tries, I developed a system and mindset that allowed me to complete a full Mermay in 2018, and a full Inktober in the same year after that.


I shared an article in 2018 when I completed Mermay and was preparing for Inktober that already seemed to help some people. In this booklet, I’ve collected those tips and included some extra ones that should help you prepare and achieve your most succesful art challenge yet – and help you with other art projects too!


As a bonus, I’ve included the full Mermay and Inktober sets as separate booklets for you to look through.


I’ve made this all Pay What You Want so everyone can get in on the action. If you appreciate the work I put into this, I’d really appreciate it if you dropped a few euros on this.


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