Want more options to play with? Get the full pack!
  • Choose a custom type of body, eyes or hair from the drop-down menus, or click the “randomize” button to be surprised with a cool combo. 
  • To hide the menu for a better look at your character, click the eye icon at the top of the menu. Tap it again to bring it back and continue customizing.
  • Once you’re happy, tap “save character” to download an image to use in your home campaigns!
  • Make sure you’re viewing this in your device’s native browser. Opening the webpage in e.g. Facebook Messenger might give errors.

A preview of all the assets in the full pack

Did you enjoy customizing your character? I hope so! Remember that you can save an image of any combination with the “save character” button.


If you want more options, consider purchasing the full pack with all the options. There’s a lot more customzing to do in that version! For the price of a coffee, you’ll get access to:

My eternal thanks go to Gerard Paapu and Arjen Klaverstijn, without whom this web-app would not exist.