Thank you for your interest in my work! I’d love to paint you a beautiful piece of art. Below you can find an overview of options & pricing for commissions with personal use. For commercial work, please contact me for a quote.


If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page. Still have questions? Send me an email! :)

And if you’re curious about the process of commissioning me, check out this page. I go through the process from setting up the contract to sending you the final artwork.

styles and examples

  • Illustration
  • 410+
  • Full illustration with characters and backgrounds, depicting a scene.

    • Rough color illustration (€410+)
    • Fully rendered illustration (€850+)


  • more info
  • Full/half body
  • 80+
  • Single character drawing,
    with little to no background.

    • Sketch (€80)
    • Rough color (€275)
    • Fully rendered (€550)
  • more info
  • portrait
  • 55+
  • A portrait of a character or loved one.

    • Sketch (€55)
    • Rough color (€165)
    • Fully rendered (€440)
  • More info

Illustration | €410-5000

Illustration depicting a scene, with characters and a background. Use this option to commission a book cover, or depicting the final battle of your D&D campaign with your group!

Rough color: €410+ | Fully rendered: €850+

Price is subject to change based on complexity.

full/half body | €80-550

A depiction of your character. Use this option to get a representation of your character for D&D games, or just because you want an image of your character to have.

Sketch: €80 | Rough color: €275 | Fully rendered: €550

Price is subject to change based on complexity.

portrait | €55-440

A portrait of your character, to 

Sketch: €55 | Rough color: €165 | Fully rendered: €440

Price is subject to change based on complexity.

testimonials from other clients

frequently asked questions

I’d be happy to paint a beautiful piece for you! I have a description of the process up on this page, from setting up the contract to delivering the final piece to you.

If you have any more questions after reading that, please contact me by email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Absolutely! Please send me an email so I can give you an accurate quote.

Basically anything you want to earn money with, now or in the future. Roughly, this means that anything that will be used or displayed in the home is personal use, and anything to promote a product or service (a book, a game, your streams) is commercial use. If you have doubts, please contact me and we’ll figure it out!

As a very general rule of thumb, I use the following schedule:

  • Two weeks to deliver the first sketch
  • One week for you to give me feedback on the sketch
  • Three weeks to paint the semi-final version for you
  • One week for you to give me feedback on the semi-final
  • Two weeks to finish up the painting.

After finishing the final painting, I send you the final preview together with the invoice. 

So altogether, the turnaround time for a piece is around 9 weeks. Add on another week at the start to discuss the commission and allow some time for the deposit payment to come in.

If you need your piece faster than this, I can accomodate that depending on my schedule. Just let me know what time you need it by and we can discuss!

Extras like weapons, intricate armor, extra limbs and backgrounds add complexity to a piece, so those add too the commission fee.

  • Additional characters: +100% each
  • Simple background: +50%, complex background: +100%
  • Small pet/familiar: +25%, medium pet/animal companion +50%, large pet/mount +100%
  • Complex or detailed accessories/weapons/armor/extra limbs: +25% per element
  • Feathered wings: +50%

These should give you an idea of what to expect, but please note that I will always give you a final quote based on your brief.

As a matter of fact, you can! I have a licensing page where I list all the images available for licensing. These are mostly full illustrations.

If you have a smaller budget but want to customize your own fantasy character, I have art packs with no less than 11.000 variations available on Gumroad and Itch!

It totally depends. :) Sometimes I’m working on other commissions and projects, and sometimes I can start as soon as I’ve received the deposit. But usually I’m available within a few weeks. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss these things beforehand!