What would you like to learn next year?

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to reflect and make plans for the new year!

I’ve gotten to work with more authors and publishers than ever this year, and I’ve started doing commissions of Dungeons & Dragons characters. I even got to work with a tabletop gaming company called Wyrmwood to contribute to an awesome tarot deck!

I’m also happy to have written some articles that hit home with some of you! Some of your favorite newsletter emails this year were: Why I left Instagram, Appearances matter. Boast a little! and What do tree trunks and keyholes have in common?

I’d love to write some interesting newsletters for you again in 2022, so I want to ask what questions you still have! Or if there’s anything else you want to tell me about.

To provide some inspiration, here are some topics I’ve been considering

  • From FOMO to JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out
  • How to “add value” (with some actionable tips)
  • What makes an author think “this is a great artist to work with”?

What do you want to know more about? Please let me know! The best projects thrive on feedback.

Happy holidays!