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Appearances Matter. Boast a little!

George Clooney applauded my speech, while sitting 10 meters away from me, front row in a famous theater in Amsterdam. I announced on that stage that Unicef would receive an extra 1,9 million euros funding for a project they were working on. I have worked

Survivorship Bias and why we need to be aware of it

There’s this image going around on the web for a couple years now at least, that illustrates the concept of survivorship bias: The story that accompanies this illustration is that of statistician Abraham Wald, who discovered a case of survivorship bias during World War II. Researchers

Urban fantasy: what does it mean?

One of the most confusing genre definitions I’ve come across in book publishing is “urban fantasy”.  While doing my research on Wikipedia, Reedsy and Goodreads, urban fantasy seems to mean a realistic setting with fantasy elements.  However, when reading an article by a publishing Art Director, it

What social media platform should you be on?

Back in spring this was a big question for me. Instagram engagement had dropped by two-thirds for me with the start of the Covid pandemic and I still felt a little uneasy with Twitter. On Facebook I wasn’t getting nearly as much engagement on posts

How to give feedback (for self-publishers)

So last month, we talked about how to filter feedback that we’re given. This month, I’m going to give some tips on how to give feedback to the artist that you’re working with! Be nice You’d think that this is a given, but unfortunately clients that critique

How to filter feedback

You wrote your first draft. You edited your first draft. You sent your piece out to friends, family or beta readers - and the feedback confuses you. Taking criticism can be difficult. Your first reaction might be “But

Takeaways for Inktober: what I learned from completing Mermay.

A monthly drawing challenge is certainly a learning experience. As anyone who’s participated can attest, doing the full 31 days together with all your other daily obligations is a feat. Last May, I completed a full prompt list (so 31 pieces in a month) for

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