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3 things to avoid on a book cover

You might feel a bit of deja-vu when reading this article - and you’re right! I shared this article two years ago. Since a LOT of new subscribers have joined since then, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share this refresher for the old guard,

Appearances Matter. Boast a little!

George Clooney applauded my speech, while sitting 10 meters away from me, front row in a famous theater in Amsterdam. I announced on that stage that Unicef would receive an extra 1,9 million euros funding for a project they were working on. I have worked

Survivorship Bias and why we need to be aware of it

There’s this image going around on the web for a couple years now at least, that illustrates the concept of survivorship bias: The story that accompanies this illustration is that of statistician Abraham Wald, who discovered a case of survivorship bias during World War II. Researchers

What social media platform should you be on?

Back in spring this was a big question for me. Instagram engagement had dropped by two-thirds for me with the start of the Covid pandemic and I still felt a little uneasy with Twitter. On Facebook I wasn’t getting nearly as much engagement on posts

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