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What social media platform should you be on?

Back in spring this was a big question for me. Instagram engagement had dropped by two-thirds for me with the start of the Covid pandemic and I still felt a little uneasy with Twitter. On Facebook I wasn’t getting nearly as much engagement on posts

Working from home? Here’s how I do it!

I've been more productive than ever with these methods. Time to share! You might have gotten a million tips already about how to work from home in the past week - but just in case you haven’t, I wanted to give a few tips on how

How other fields inform my work

In marketing, we love ourselves a specialist. A product or service that is easily classified, consistent and equal. It has its perks: we know what to expect and can make quicker decisions. But as employees or entrepreneurs, we can benefit from being more well-rounded, even

Takeaways for Inktober: what I learned from completing Mermay.

A monthly drawing challenge is certainly a learning experience. As anyone who’s participated can attest, doing the full 31 days together with all your other daily obligations is a feat. Last May, I completed a full prompt list (so 31 pieces in a month) for

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