Netherrealms – Little Did She Know

The Dream Guide’s eyes went wide when she entered the dream. She knew this place. It was the abandoned Throne Room of the Dream Domain. Overcoming her confusion, she walked on. The woman found her charge on the floor, sitting with his head in his hands. 

For a second, Zara hesitated. How did this person know what the Throne Room looked like? Was it a trap? That seemed unlikely – dreams had never been an unsafe space for Dream Guides before.

The woman surveyed the young man on the floor for a moment. His shoulders were shaking. With one more look around the room, she walked up and kneeled beside him. 

“Hello, Dane. I’m Zara. I’m here to help you. Tell me what happened.”

Little did she know, Dane would be joining her in the Netherrealms soon.


Part of my ongoing illustration series for the Netherrealms.


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