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Netherrealms – Mother Time

“Mother Time took hold of a lifeline. The information coursed through her hands in a golden glow - Nergui could see the Native’s eyes light up with the information that she processed. Slowly, she turned her head and pointed in the direction of the Library.

Netherrealms – Forest Fire

Nergui saw, in the forking chamber filled with a dozen tunnelways beyond, a robed figure standing almost as still as a statue, so tall and slim, it was as if his body had been stretched. "Another one." Dane tried to shift his tone into something more

Netherrealms – Dreaming of Amtrecht

At first, everything seemed normal. Just a stroll along the canals, as she had done so many times before. But then she looked up. Above her head, the canal, houses and people curved up into -somehow- infinity. “This feels exactly like my dreams,” Nergui said. She stared

Enter the Netherrealms

"The door was ajar. Despite her nervousness, she couldn't resist. Nergui gingerly peeked around the corner. What she saw, she couldn't believe." Part of my ongoing illustration series for the Netherrealms.   Prints available

Netherrealms – Reflections on a Journey

“Oh how you have grown, little bird,” Nergui said. With wonder, she admired the red robin’s flight. She reflected on her own journey this year. “I think we both have.” Part of my ongoing illustration series for the Netherrealms.

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