3 interesting resources for self-publishers in every step of the journey

As the year is nearing its final months, I wanted to use this month’s article to point you towards 3 interesting resources – for every step in the journey.

This article from the Business of Illustration blog is geared towards starting illustrators, but I feel like this goes for every artist/author/entrepreneur/person with a story to tell:

You’ll Never Feel Ready (And That’s OK)

Imposter Syndrome never goes away, and doubt will always creep in at some point. But keep in mind: if you’re afraid, that probably means it’s important.

Alright, step two. You’ve shoved aside your imposter syndrome and you’ve Written The Thing. Now you need to market your book. I’ve mentioned Reedsy before – while I use it to reach an audience that’s looking to commission book covers, they have loads of resources for self-publishers for all aspects of self-publishing. The article I want to highlight right now is their article on How to Market A Book: 8 Fundamental steps.

Step three: you’ve marketed your book, and made your first sales! Hooray! But what’s that? Someone left you a bad review! How could they? You worked so hard on this. There’s a way to turn a negative feedback into a positive experience though. How? Printful details it in this article:

Bad Reviews: How to Turn Negative Feedback into a Positive Experience

I hope these resources help you, wherever you are in your journey! How far along are you in your self-publishing voyage?