About me & my  work

I’ve been working in advertising, film and games for nearly 10 years before transitioning back into illustration. I have experience in freelancing and working in teams, for all kinds of businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.


I help your vision come to life through illustration. I aim to inspire and motivate your team with images and designs that tell a story.


Through my knowledge of a sketch-to-3D pipeline, I can already take into account questions that a team might have when transforming a design into a 3D asset, and think along when solving problems.


I always aim to deliver high-quality work. So do you have a vision that needs to come to life? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!



Nationale Postcode Loterij

BankGiro Loterij



Vanguard Games

Dutch FilmWorks


Het Geluk van Harry & Barry (Animated short)

Platinum award at the Muse Creative Awards 2018

Gold award at the European Design Awards 2018

Silver award at the KIAF awards 2018

Chewy (PC game)

Best design award at the Independent Propeller Awards 2011 ($25,000 prize)

Best game of the year award at the Brave New Game 2011 competition ($500 prize)

Diamond award (Best game of show) at the Festival of Games 2011 in Utrecht, Netherlands


CGMA – Digital Painting

CGMA – Storyboarding for Animation

NHTV – International Game Architecture & Design